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Maria Gallucci mortgage brokerMaria Gallucci – Owner
As a Colorado native, and key member of Uptown Mortgage Service, Maria Gallucci is recognized as one of the top producing Mortgage Broker and Realtor for the premier Colorado boutique firm and brings to the table over 24 years of experience in the home finance industry and Real Estate, as well as a Doctorate’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. In addition to her extensive home finance and Real Estate background, Maria was raised by deaf parents and has been fluent in American Sign Language her entire life.She initially began her career as a Mortgage Broker and Realtor with the desire to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community with both Real Estate and professional mortgage service and continues to serve the community she is so passionate about. Maria carries her careful attention to detail to a wide range of clients who seek her sharp focus and top notch service in a wide range of Mortgage and Real Estate segments. With her extensive knowledge of finance, Maria will work tirelessly on her clients’ behalf, consistently going the extra mile to make refinancing or buying a home a successful and pleasant experience. In her spare time Maria enjoys hiking, yoga, Pilates and spending time with her family in this beautiful State of Colorado.

** Serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community with ASL**